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Do you have any questions we didn’t cover here? There are several ways of contacting us.

When can we expect more games?
We’re aiming the second half of 2013. Ok, we know, it’s not a real deadline, but it’s the best we’ve got right now.

What are you working on right now?
Well, there’s a new engine coming. It is based in the previous one, but it’s more ambitious. We’re also studying forms of design for the games in order to have a quicker delivery. The idea is take as much time as we need in the preparation, so the actual game making will be quick after that. We’ll keep our blog updated as we go.

Why don’t I see anything about Matt Sandorf in the site? Where’s Matt?
Still out in space, probably. The thing is, even though that is still our favorite game, it doesn’t belong to us. It was sold and paid for by Sony. We would gladly link the original page here, but it’s not live anymore. Also, there won’t be any sequels unless Sony asks for it, and that’s not a decision we can make. So we decided to leave it behind and focus on new things.
However, it is probably still around somewhere if you want to play. Google can help.

Why do all Trapped pages say “classic version” now?
Because “old version” didn’t sound as good.

No, seriously.
We’ll leave this one for you to figure out. If you don’t, you’ll have your answer in a near future.

I’m stuck in some place of some game you made. Can you help me?
No. Sorry, it just doesn’t seem fair. Part of what adventure games are about is the way each person can make a different path to get to the end of it, and our path tends to be the shortest (and less fun) one.
But there are several walkthroughs and forums online, so you’re free to Google them and get your answer. Just remember: there are always different paths. Don’t think of any walkthrough as the only way.

I’ve reached a dead-end. Do I need to start over or load a previously saved game?
Ok, here’s the answer for 99.99% of the the cases: no, you didn’t. There are more details about it here, but what’s probably happening is that you just don’t know what to do next. It’s one of the things that make adventure games fun. Keep trying. :)

What do you guys think of your own games?
We like them. Honest.
In the old Trapped series, we like The Dark the best. There’s not much we would change there. The White Rabbit was still a beginner’s work, and there were a lot of things there we would make different today. As for The Labyrinth, it is a good game, even though it has several signs of something hurried up.
Matt Sandorf (R.I.P.) is our favorite because, given the limitations of the engine at the time, it is the best it could be. We wouldn’t change anything in it except for, maybe, the graphics. It would be even better if we had dialog trees at the time, but we didn’t. That’s the direction we want to follow from now on.

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