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Trapped (classic series) part 1: The White Rabbit

David Green just woke up. He's lying on a strange room's floor. There's a murdered man by his side. Now you need to help him getting out. But first you need to find out what's going on.

Trapped (classic series)

Trapped was the first point-and-click adventure created by Rabbit Tell. In the trilogy you will follow David Green, a man trapped in a strange house with a dead body and no idea what's going on.

Also, a frog.


Story and puzzles
Rodrigo Roesler and Bruno Maestrini
Design and illustrations
Rodrigo Roesler
Rodrigo Roesler
Baunilha, Bruno Galera, Bruno Maestrini, Catiele Fortes, Cleber Maia, Ernani Luz, Fabio Scaico, Gustavo Velho, Hugo Jr, Julio Oliveira, Marcin Konicki, Marco Maestrini, Paulo Cabral and Ricardo Cunha.