Top driving races in PC (Part 4)

If you don’t know what you are doing in free time, you can see our reference about top driving races you can play in PC. It’s great when you enjoy some games to relax and consume free time effectively.

8, Assetto Corsa Competizione

It is a racing sim about many racetracks of famous racing tournaments in the world. This is a strong feature to attack people for joy and interest in this game more.

This game is usually focused on the GT series cars, Endurance Cups or Total 24 hours of Spa. In general, there are series of top races and championships for your reference.

About graphic and design, this game is invested carefully to make real appearance, sound and feel of real-world so you are thinking that you lose in the world games.

This game also offers single-player mode and multiplayer mode to create variety and improvement. You can ask your friends to go with game then compete whether who is a greater gamer.

9, GRIP: Combat Racing

If you prefer thrilling driving games, you can choose GRIP: Combat Racing because it brings amazing feeling about racers as well racetracks.

The vehicle in this game is a little special because it can provide super speeds along the top to bottom halves of track. Assure that you are surprising to take a few minutes for the front of the pack.

From feeling of players, this game will push inspiration to wonderful things related the races. This game also has offered many options and modes to make more interest for racers.

10, Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed

This game is extremely appreciated to play in free time because you can discover many racetracks from the normal road to the sky and even the water. You also use two mode: single race or multiple race in your trip.

Besides great tracks, Sonic & All-star racing transformed gives you song list as if you are on this world of game.


Top driving races in PC (Part 2)

In the various source of games, driving is on the top favorite game loved by almost gamers. It brings new experience and feeling for driving in the online world which we are hardly to own in the real life.

So, it makes exciting and amazing.

Among millions of driving game, you are confusing which game is better and free but still meets customers’ demand. It will be response in this article. We collect top the best driving races in PC as recommendation about the driving race world.

3, Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is a classic work about driving in 90s arcade. It has the same generation with some famous games like Out Run, Rad Mobile.

Coming the world of this game, you feel incredibly roads under the breakneck speeds. So, you feel this game is amazing and thrilling.

The fact, quality of arcade races is highly appreciated when it offers series of racing cars which have retro tunes.

Horizon Chase Turbo has other options about player mode. For example, you can choose the solo challenge to practice your ability before publicizing all. Furthermore, you can use multiplayer mode. It’s easy to instruct each other so that your level is improved better.

 In multiplayer mode, you can use a split screen mode with 4 other players. It’s completely free. 

4, Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 has offered simulation racing in the first period. They are confident that their driving source is unique compared with any competitor.

Then, they have improved array of cars and driving courses. This game becomes friendly and sincerely with users. So, it contributes to create strong performance. 

This game is really highly appreciated about quality and awareness to develop it durably. 

You have never felt boring with game when you have condition to give experience about this bet.


Top driving races in PC (Part 1)

Driving race is one of the most favorite games for someone loving adventure and fast speed. 

However, among a big source of driving games for computer, players feel some confusing which game is better? This issue will be solved in our article. We will share top the best driving races for PC as useful reference for you.

1, Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the most PC driving games all the time. It is launched by the Gran Turismo, under the series of Forza Motorsport.

This game is built on new style of Forza brand at normal racetracks. This creation makes novelties on casual things, so it brings a lot of positive comments from players. Through this game, players can set up strategies and formulas to reach winning as pro races.

In Forza Horizon 4, you have opportunities to discover overwhelming collection of cars form big brands in the world. At the racetracks, the UK races play as important role to create tons of challenges for racers. 

2, iRacing

Players can receive professional racing experience through iRacing. This game has been inspired from the online ESports phenomenon, then creation professional environment and racetracks for drivers.

They have more options with individual races and multiplayers races. These tracks and racing cars are great to make amazing races against other drivers.

IRacing offers a solid group of drivers to master and train new beginners through the contents of big racings like NASCAR, Grand Prix, Sports Car or Dirt & Rally races. You can live in competitive race environment. 

Furthermore, you also see other races of other drivers through livestream races. It’s a good choice to listen and understand experiences from others. Then can improve your higher level.

So, this game should be recommended for some new racers to practice speed and skills through online games.