TOP 3 games that you should play on the computer

Game for the computer is a huge library of games from old classics to hot new releases.

Surely because the choice is so rich there will be times when you are struggling to know where to start. So why not take turns discovering the best computer games listed in the following article? One thing is for sure, they won’t disappoint you.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

What can you describe PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – things that have never been mentioned? There’s a great reason it has surpassed the 10 million sales mark as of September and now holds the most current record of most players on Steam (more than 2 million) simply because it is an extremely interesting and engaging game to experience. Like many things in life, you will have a more enjoyable experience when playing with friends.

However, for the game that is still in the Early Access stage, this game has some notable points: optimization is essential (it is continuing to improve), an error occurred leading to a negative score, in-game advertising makes players unhappy and more.

2. GTA V

Two years after launching on the computer, GTA V is still on the list of best-selling games on Steam, with millions of people around the world continuing to enjoy driving, shooting and making virtual money. in the state of San Andreas.

In addition to buying new items and vehicles both in the air and on the ground, the latest major expansion – Smuggler’s Run has introduced the PUBG style mode. While fighting one player makes GTA V the 4th position in the list of best-selling games of all time, its multiplayer updates still make many people crazy. Add a number of great mods available and you can understand how this old title still maintains such popularity and fun.

3. Cuphead

You need to know this from the beginning: Cuphead is a very difficult game to play. If you are a fan of light, simple games, a game without checkpoints, hit points or health points will not be the ideal choice for you.

Don’t be fooled by stylish 1930s style music and cartoon graphics, Cuphead is in the category of the annoying game but drives players crazy like Dark Souls. The game is a combination of the screen-style running and scrolling style with fast shooting style, focusing mainly on the great boss battles. Challenge yourself with this impressive game.