Top driving races in PC (Part 4)

If you don’t know what you are doing in free time, you can see our reference about top driving races you can play in PC. It’s great when you enjoy some games to relax and consume free time effectively.

8, Assetto Corsa Competizione

It is a racing sim about many racetracks of famous racing tournaments in the world. This is a strong feature to attack people for joy and interest in this game more.

This game is usually focused on the GT series cars, Endurance Cups or Total 24 hours of Spa. In general, there are series of top races and championships for your reference.

About graphic and design, this game is invested carefully to make real appearance, sound and feel of real-world so you are thinking that you lose in the world games.

This game also offers single-player mode and multiplayer mode to create variety and improvement. You can ask your friends to go with game then compete whether who is a greater gamer.

9, GRIP: Combat Racing

If you prefer thrilling driving games, you can choose GRIP: Combat Racing because it brings amazing feeling about racers as well racetracks.

The vehicle in this game is a little special because it can provide super speeds along the top to bottom halves of track. Assure that you are surprising to take a few minutes for the front of the pack.

From feeling of players, this game will push inspiration to wonderful things related the races. This game also has offered many options and modes to make more interest for racers.

10, Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed

This game is extremely appreciated to play in free time because you can discover many racetracks from the normal road to the sky and even the water. You also use two mode: single race or multiple race in your trip.

Besides great tracks, Sonic & All-star racing transformed gives you song list as if you are on this world of game.


Top driving races in PC (Part 3)

Here we continue to share top the best driving races you can enjoy in your PC.

Assure that our recommendation makes you more option to relax with driving games.

5, F1 2019

If you are fan of racing, F1 and F2 Champion are well-known as the exciting driving races.

So, F1 2019 is an interesting game when it is inspired from these races. The system is designed great graphics looking like real leagues. Besides it they also set up races from format of leagues which you can get insane speeds. You feel that you are super racers. You also choose other racing modes to make challenge.

In general, F1 2019 receives both critical and positive comments from experts. However, players can still satisfy with services and modes from this game.

6, DiRT Rally 2.0

This game is highly appreciated when it is connected by stunning visuals, variety of vehicle for your other modes. Especially, they offer the top-level racing cars which can customize maximum modes as real racing cars.

Coming in this game, you feel surprising about variety of racing roads like off-road, terrain so on. On per track, you also enjoy natural scenes and landscapes. It will bring great feeling and pleasant for your experience.

Furthermore, the system will offer other types of racing cars for your recommendation, like: rallying cars, truck. You feel comfortable to enjoy.

You also choose mode of competitions like FIA World championship and try to compete other racer in multiplayer mode. It should be an interesting trial.

7, Wreckfest

As soon as being launched, it is advertised to become the king of all destructive racing games nowadays. The fact that, it also brings new experiences for users.

You feel to be yearned to discover this game more through experience in FlatOut, Destruction Derby, or Street Rod.

All challenge modes in game push your level higher and more professional. It looks a treasure for any player to discover.


Top driving races in PC (Part 1)

Driving race is one of the most favorite games for someone loving adventure and fast speed. 

However, among a big source of driving games for computer, players feel some confusing which game is better? This issue will be solved in our article. We will share top the best driving races for PC as useful reference for you.

1, Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the most PC driving games all the time. It is launched by the Gran Turismo, under the series of Forza Motorsport.

This game is built on new style of Forza brand at normal racetracks. This creation makes novelties on casual things, so it brings a lot of positive comments from players. Through this game, players can set up strategies and formulas to reach winning as pro races.

In Forza Horizon 4, you have opportunities to discover overwhelming collection of cars form big brands in the world. At the racetracks, the UK races play as important role to create tons of challenges for racers. 

2, iRacing

Players can receive professional racing experience through iRacing. This game has been inspired from the online ESports phenomenon, then creation professional environment and racetracks for drivers.

They have more options with individual races and multiplayers races. These tracks and racing cars are great to make amazing races against other drivers.

IRacing offers a solid group of drivers to master and train new beginners through the contents of big racings like NASCAR, Grand Prix, Sports Car or Dirt & Rally races. You can live in competitive race environment. 

Furthermore, you also see other races of other drivers through livestream races. It’s a good choice to listen and understand experiences from others. Then can improve your higher level.

So, this game should be recommended for some new racers to practice speed and skills through online games.


11 Greatest Advances Technology in PC Game

Video games then PC games have a long history since the first PC was invented. In addition, strong development of technology, it also has impacted on advances for PC games.

Thanks advances in technology, PC games have reached many breakthroughs which make more interesting and convenient to players. From platform, graphics to design, all can be improved dramatically.

In this article, we discuss 11 majorly greatest advances in PC game technology.

1/ Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology allows to realize your face then create similar avatar, expressions and character in the gaming world. It makes close and comfortable when contacting other. You feel that it’s you are on this gaming world.

Another strong feature in this advance is real sense function. It is a 3D camera to connect emotions of players with this online game naturally. Estimated it can understand about 78 different emotions in faces. For example, several grimaces to screen, the system can realize that you are in difficulty and response action instantly.

2/ Voice recognition

Voice recognition is also called as voice assistant. Now, you don’t need to type to control modes because all should be solved by using voice. It’s a useful function when computer can recognize the user’s voice demand then react properly. Users also feel more comfortable and familiar with the computer.

Now, all orders or interaction with social media such as searching web, controlling selections, all can be practiced simply through voice recognition technology.

3/ Gesture control

If you are surprising about facial or voice recognition, sure that you are extremely shocking when the gesture control has been invented. It means computer can find out all gestures through RealSense technology. It allows you to interact with computer easily only buy shaking hands.

Players will use a 3D camera to recognize 22 points in your hand to connect online games only by using natural gesture in your body.


Top tips for new PC Gamers (part 2)


If you used to play console gaming, you would be in for a treat as PC gaming allows you to tweak your graphical settings to achieve a perfect balance between graphics and performance. Moreover, you can maximize your graphical performance by:

Play around in-game: In the graphics menu, you can easily find many sliders are available at your disposal rather than the default settings. You can check them and find out what works best for your setup. You see, changing your graphics to provide the best experience is one of the best things about PC gaming. 

Download Nvidia and AMD software: Depending on your graphics card, downloading Nvidia GeForce Experience or AMD Radeon Adrenalin will help you configure your PC hardware with the best settings to achieve the best performance. 

Download monitoring software: If your rame rates are high and the temps are low, all you need to do is download monitoring software which helps get a better view of how the hardware is doing and whether it’s performing as expected.


PCs must be kept up to date to handle all the new powerful gaming experience. Here are some tips on how to keep it clean:

Keep drivers up to date: It’s important to get the best performance out of the hardware as the update usually include a fix to a performance issue that can result in higher FPS. 

Install Windows updates: Although sometimes it’s annoying but it’s a necessary as it keep the system protected from malicious attacks and provide necessary updates to keep the system running smooth. 

Dust the PC: Literally, dust will silently kill PC components; hence you must usually clean them to protect the expensive GPU. 


Here are some tips on how to enhance your gaming experience:

Buy a new gaming monitor: Playing on a fast gaming PC while using a slow monitor is upsetting. With a monitor of a high refresh rate, it will take full advantage of your gaming PCs speed and allow you to experience your games in full motion. 

Get some gaming peripherals: Don’t use that old keyboard and mouse, just find the peripherals that best suit your style, needs and also helps you perform better when gaming


Top tips for new PC Gamers (part 1)

Is that you have just received a new gaming PC for the Holidays and you don’t know where to begin or you are an adult who used to love the game but hasn’t got the time to play for a while? Now you are wondering if you’ve missed something new. Either way, in this article, you will find packed full of helpful tips that every PC gamer should know. Get ready to enjoy the game the way they were meant to be played.


If you have got your new gaming rig ready, here are some downloading tips:

Download Steam: you can start with downloading from Steam – the ultimate online gaming platform. In which, you will find in their massive library almost anything you were looking for.

Don’t rush to load up on all the games. With patient, you will often find Steam sales anywhere from 15-80% off. Put the expensive game to your wishlist and you will then be notified if it goes on sale. 

Prepare space for a massive library: You obviously know that once your collection expands, it will quickly eats up your storage space. Hence, it’s important to keep the installations organized and configure your installation path. 


Play alone is bored, we understand that and this is how to link up with old friends or make new ones:

Add friends on Steam: The platform isn’t only allow you to download games but gives you the option to join a community, be part of a group and add friends to your friend list. All you need to know is their username and you are good to go. 

Download Discord which an all-in-one voice and text, allowing gamers to connect with several people and find others who have similar interests. It’s free to download an app for your phone so you can stay connected on the go.