Top 2 good online games for computers with weak configuration

The online games on this list will not require high hardware configuration but are still worth enjoying.

Sword Saga

Currently, the web-based role-playing game called Sword Saga has officially launched to the worldwide gaming community. Players can register and enjoy the game very quickly at the game’s homepage.

Join Sword Saga, gamers can play one of three main character classes: Wizard, Warrior and Gunner. Each character class has its own unique skills and allows gamers to customize as much as possible to create an advantage in PvE or PvP matches.

Although only 2D graphics, but the movements of the characters or images of the matches are extremely eye-catching and impressive. It can be said that among the newly released action webgames, Sword Saga can be considered as one of the light-weight easy-to-play products worth enjoying.

Crusader of Solaria

Recently, a web-based online game called Crusaders of Solaria has opened and currently interested gamers can play at the homepage. The game has a very typical 2D style along with the classic horizontal screen action gameplay but still very attractive.

In Crusaders of Solaria, players will choose one of four character classes with different strong and weak attacks and gradually become a hero of redemption, uncovering the hidden secrets in the vast virtual world. There is a lot of devilish love.

Overall, the gameplay of Crusaders of Solaria does not go too far from the horizontal screen action style with traditional skill combo moves. However, this product is a little different when gamers have to use their hands more, instead of having the system automatically do it for many other online web-based games on the market.

Shards of War

Finally, the action-packed MOBA game Shards of War has officially opened for gamers to enjoy. To participate in this unique game, gamers will need to register for an account at the Shards of War homepage.

Unlike many other MOBA games, the gameplay in Shards of War is more of a casual shooting style, when the player can constantly fire bullets at the target continuously with the direction of the mouse. Of course, each character possesses unique skills.

It is worth noting that each character in Shards of War has 2 normal attacks, corresponding to 2 left and right mouse buttons, in addition, the character also possesses 3 additional special skills of their own.

All of the basic attacks or each skill of the character have a certain cooldown time, this can be understood that because the character needs to reload the gun …

Instead, players will need to control the character moves through the ASWD keys, instead of using the mouse like many other MOBA.

The map in Shards of War is relatively large with 3 lanes. However, in addition to the main roads with the presence of creeps, players can also go around some other auxiliary roads.

In general, the basic gameplay in Shards of War is still primarily to kill creeps to earn gold, as well as gain experience to level up. Players can also destroy the opponent’s generals to earn money, in order to buy more valuable items to increase the power of the character.