In the various source of games, driving is on the top favorite game loved by almost gamers. It brings new experience and feeling for driving in the online world which we are hardly to own in the real life.

So, it makes exciting and amazing.

Among millions of driving game, you are confusing which game is better and free but still meets customers’ demand. It will be response in this article. We collect top the best driving races in PC as recommendation about the driving race world.

3, Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is a classic work about driving in 90s arcade. It has the same generation with some famous games like Out Run, Rad Mobile.

Coming the world of this game, you feel incredibly roads under the breakneck speeds. So, you feel this game is amazing and thrilling.

The fact, quality of arcade races is highly appreciated when it offers series of racing cars which have retro tunes.

Horizon Chase Turbo has other options about player mode. For example, you can choose the solo challenge to practice your ability before publicizing all. Furthermore, you can use multiplayer mode. It’s easy to instruct each other so that your level is improved better.

 In multiplayer mode, you can use a split screen mode with 4 other players. It’s completely free. 

4, Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 has offered simulation racing in the first period. They are confident that their driving source is unique compared with any competitor.

Then, they have improved array of cars and driving courses. This game becomes friendly and sincerely with users. So, it contributes to create strong performance. 

This game is really highly appreciated about quality and awareness to develop it durably. 

You have never felt boring with game when you have condition to give experience about this bet.