If you don’t know what you are doing in free time, you can see our reference about top driving races you can play in PC. It’s great when you enjoy some games to relax and consume free time effectively.

8, Assetto Corsa Competizione

It is a racing sim about many racetracks of famous racing tournaments in the world. This is a strong feature to attack people for joy and interest in this game more.

This game is usually focused on the GT series cars, Endurance Cups or Total 24 hours of Spa. In general, there are series of top races and championships for your reference.

About graphic and design, this game is invested carefully to make real appearance, sound and feel of real-world so you are thinking that you lose in the world games.

This game also offers single-player mode and multiplayer mode to create variety and improvement. You can ask your friends to go with game then compete whether who is a greater gamer.

9, GRIP: Combat Racing

If you prefer thrilling driving games, you can choose GRIP: Combat Racing because it brings amazing feeling about racers as well racetracks.

The vehicle in this game is a little special because it can provide super speeds along the top to bottom halves of track. Assure that you are surprising to take a few minutes for the front of the pack.

From feeling of players, this game will push inspiration to wonderful things related the races. This game also has offered many options and modes to make more interest for racers.

10, Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed

This game is extremely appreciated to play in free time because you can discover many racetracks from the normal road to the sky and even the water. You also use two mode: single race or multiple race in your trip.

Besides great tracks, Sonic & All-star racing transformed gives you song list as if you are on this world of game.