Bad & Good Effects of Computer Games on Students

Nowadays, students are spending more and more time playing computer games as a normal form of recreational activity. Although there are numerous benefits to playing quality computer games, there are also many known negative effects associated with it. Therefore, it is essential to set a routine allowing for children to play game so that its benefits would not neglect their development.

Health Problems
Spending excessive amounts of time to play game will negatively effect the child’s health such as eyesight, gaining extra weight due to lack of daily exercise and sitting in one position for along time. Thus, children should be encouraged to alter computer games with physical fitness to harness the benefits of both activities.

Lack of Social Skills
Spending too much time playing computer games at home which don’t have much social interaction will lead to lack of social skills such as communication. As good social skills will add in making children feel healthy and happy as well as develop skills for future career. Hence, parents can help advising children in choosing games that contain communication and interactions between players so that children can be interactive; and boost social skills development.

Intelligence Benefits
Playing computer games is not all bad as educational games can assist in educational areas such as management, medicine and science as well as develop better problem-solving skills, eye-hand coordination, the ability to think fast and multiple thinking at the same time. All of this skills may help children learn quickly when it comes to study.

In order to reduce the negative effects of computer games, it is best to develop a few ground rules around the house such as strict time limits for gaming, homework and chores, place computers in public areas such as the living room. so that parent can control both the amount and the quality of the games, and model putting away all screens for family mealtimes.


Top Games for Girls in 2019 (part 2)

Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best platforming titles available, featuring pitch-perfect controls, level design with an art style that’s both surreal and magical to watch at the same time. The game is accompanied by a fully-orchestrated score. The game is not only technically brilliant, it also has a lot of surprisingly emotional moments. It’s perfect for female gamers.

My Little Riding Champion is such a fantastic fulfilment for girls who fond of owning a horse. Players can customize their physical appearance, select a race horse, get the player to bond with and look after their horse instead of simply owning it. Furthermore, it is so fun with numerous competitions entering and freely exploring an open-world on horseback. Female players own an Xbox One X will get the most out of this game thanks to the full 4K resolution display.

Life is Strange is an award-winning computer game in which a teenager must deal with her personal drama at the same time trying to make sense of her mysterious power to turn back time. The interesting thing about the game is its focus on dialog choices with other characters to solve mysteries and evolve relationships. In addition, there’s also some enjoyable exploration of the beautifully-rendered environments.
Although the game does have some drawbacks such as the awkward dialog with constant use of the word “hella” by almost every teen character to sound hip and trendy, but overall the game storyline is incredibly solid and creates the illusion of interacting with an actual teen drama on TV.

We Sing Pop! is a musical computer game in which Xbox One or PlayStation 4 console are turn into a karaoke machine. The game is equipped with a large library of popular songs in HD videos, karaoke subtitles in the regular casual karaoke mode, and seven additional modes for competitive multiplayer karaoke sessions. The game allow competition between singers against singers or team against team. Such an ideal game for sleepover parties.


Top Games for Girls in 2019 (part 1)

Some people wouldn’t imagine that girl do play a wide variety of computer games, there are undoubtedly some titles that have attracted a predominantly female fan base.

Such games are popular because of a connection to a certain girl’s TV series or popular activity that associated with girls. These games both feature strong female characters that girl can relate to or desire to be like.
In this article, we will introduce some games that would make a great gift to any female friend, family member in your life.

  1. My Little Pony: Magic Princess is a free-to-play game based on the popular girls cartoon and toy line of the same name which was a basic city sim where players could build and manage their Ponyville town and welcome some of their favorite characters. Since the initial launch, the game has been upgraded significantly to the latest version with several towns and areas to manage, a massive cast of characters to choose and level up, as well as a variety of mini games from ball bouncing to a dance rhythm.
  2. Overwatch is a popular online shooter game that has been popular since it first launched in 2016. While most shooters games are developed for male gamers, Overwatch has been developed to attract female with characters and supplementary material such as animated shorts, comic books, and even Funko Pop figures. Overwatch is a first-person video game which are bound to connect with other female fans. Overwatch has proved that online gaming is no longer just for boys.
  3. Disneyland Adventures is an amazing computer game for girls who love Disney movies and theme parks in which players visit a digital recreation of the park riding the attractions, talking to and managing different characters featuring in this destination. This is particularly fun for young children who love to travel and have fun.

The Multi Billion Dollar Industry

Computer games are a multi-billion-dollar industry in the world with hundred thousands of companies developing and publishing games and thousands of companies joining each year. These companies utilize continuous innovation in technology and highly skilled educated gamers to develop new attractive computer games. The demand for computer games are huge just as about everyone has played computer games as a kid, they continue to play computer games when growing up although it is just occasionally. Computer game industry is a highly competitive market which requires workers to have advanced training in skills like computer graphics, animation, software design, or programming in order to fill a vacancy. To survive in this severe industry, companies must be on top of innovation, imagination, knowledge and continuously being able to adapt to new demand.

As a gamer, if you ever wanted to become a game developer, you would need to master one or more of the skills listed above to even have a chance at breaking into the field. Those that have experience developing games of any kind would get you some advantages over other candidate; however, you will still be up against many other talents.

There is, however, a bright future as the industry is continuing to grow stronger than ever before gaining over 1.2 billion in 2015 in spending and that only doesn’t include hardware and accessories spending, only content spending. Thus, it demands to recruit more and more will be available. In the United State only, the gaming industry contribute over $11 billion to GDP in 2016 and the amount is certain to grow in the foreseeable future. The average salary for a person working in this industry is also incredible of over $90,000. No wonder why the competition is fierce.

To learn more about the business side of computer game, don’t forget to check out other articles.


Benefits of playing computer games

Many parents might feel guiltily allowed their children extra screen time on summer. Luckily, under strict monitoring, computer games can be a vibrant and rich source of learning. With this in mind, here’s some reasons why you should let your children play video games.

  1. Learning rules
    Computer games often have complex rules to be learnt and this is the grammar of language that researchers have developed. So when the kids play computer games, they learn not only the game but also the grammar and language.
  2. Developing soft skills
    The latest technology has allowed children to stay connected with their friends and plan strategy together. It is no longer an isolated game where children play alone. As for this, children would be able to develop problem solving, team works and communication skills. Moreover, playing games requires children to take turns which help them to develop sharing skills as well as generosity.
  3. Reading and telling stories
    Every game needs to have interesting content to attract their audience, especially children. However, that aspect of telling stories is often overlooked while it is actually very helpful in developing storytelling skills of children. It is so fascinating to see how much children can learn, develop and tell stories about the characters, plots, settings and style.
  4. Early engagement with STEM
    Many researches have showed that computer allow early engage with science and technology which can help children interested in studying and working in science, technology, maths (STEM) and engineering subjects. There are various great games featuring strong role models such as Bitz n Bob and Detective Dot who solves mysteries using STEM that children should try.
  5. Creativity
    It is obvious that games are developed based on non-fiction characters and stories which might help in encouraging creativity and an interest in arts, music and construction.
  6. Online vs offline
    Computer game and play in physical ground don’t have to be two separate things as children usually adopt ideas from games in their physical play in the garden, on their bikes and even on the rollercoaster. This might come in useful for their future development and actual learning in school.So ditch the guilt and instead focus on taking an interest and encouraging them to play games that will stretch their imaginations and learn new skills. Of course, some strict rules must be applied as well to prevent adverse effects.

So ditch the guilt and instead focus on taking an interest and encouraging them to play games that will stretch their imaginations and learn new skills. Of course, some strict rules must be applied as well to prevent adverse effects.